Typical Requests For Services

"Do you service Geyserville? We need to have one box in our Warehouse prob every other month."
"I am looking for monthly shredding service for a mortgage company. We are scanning records and have a busy office. What are my options and prices? I also have fifty letter size bankers boxes to be shredded. Do you have any references I can check"
"we are in the process of cleaning out old patient records. we have 2 stacks of files that need shredding. Stack 1=55'x55'x5 ft high. Stack2=34'x11 ft x 4 ft high. Can you give me an estimate please"
I have about 10-12 boxes of shredding, personal receipts,etc. How much to handle this? Do I bring to you, or you send a pickup
"Our office will be doing a end of the year purge of excess filing. Figuring around 10 - 15 bankers boxes of paper. We have not started the office clean up, but for right now I am just gathering quotes to give to management on how much you charge for shredding."