Typical Requests For Services

"I need to go to mobile shredding. Do you have a schedule? Where and when?"
"We are interested in a shredding service
provider. It is best to contact me through email. Thank you."
"I have a mortgage company and am purchasing an existing office in Lafayette, La. We are scanning documents and need to shred th. What are my options for monthly service and prices associated with that? I also have fifty bankers boxes that need immediate shredding? Do you do that and what are your prices?"
It is time to purge once again. In addition to a price quote, I am curious about when we could schedule a truck to come on-site to do this shredding. Then I would collect the boxes in one place to make it as easy as possible. (I also expect that we would come up with more than 20 boxes, but that is my initial estimate.
"Need 30 banker boxes shredded for one time, then need regular weekly or monthly shred services"