Typical Requests For Services

I need to destroy some caps from production runs that didn't pan out to well we have about 1,000 low quality pieces. That we want to make sure doesn't ever surface on ebay, in any flea market etc. Can you give me a quote on how much a job like that will cost and do you give a certificate of destruction once job is complete? Please contact me as soon as possible because I am serious about this inquiry so we can do this by July.
"we are in the process of cleaning out old patient records. we have 2 stacks of files that need shredding. Stack 1=55'x55'x5 ft high. Stack2=34'x11 ft x 4 ft high. Can you give me an estimate please"
"I have a mortgage company and am purchasing an existing office in Lafayette, La. We are scanning documents and need to shred th. What are my options for monthly service and prices associated with that? I also have fifty bankers boxes that need immediate shredding? Do you do that and what are your prices?"
"We need to have church payroll and other financial records shredded. The records are in drawers. Can you give us a quote"
"Please provide an estimate for approximately 20 boxes"